In 2023, the city of Buenos Aires will set up several Ethereum validator nodes. Diego Fernandez, the city’s secretary for innovation and digital transformation, made the comments. He clarified that this deployment will pursue exploratory and regulatory goals and that it will assist the city in creating cryptocurrency legislation.

Cities throughout the world are incorporating blockchain and cryptocurrency projects into their growth and development strategies. According to reports, Buenos Aires will set up validator nodes for the Ethereum chain in 2023. At ETH Latam, a local event focused on Ethereum, Diego Fernandez, the city’s secretary of Innovation and Digital Transformation, reported this.

Fernandez made it clear that the city’s interest in running these nodes had an exploratory purpose and that they anticipated that doing so would provide them with a greater understanding of the Ethereum chain, enabling them to better control digital currency.

The gear to set up these nodes will be deployed by commercial companies, who will also be partnering with the local government to deploy the nodes.