Metahuman Animator

At GDC 2023 Ninja Theory demonstrated their capacity to produce fully animated sequences using newly captured video at GDC, showcasing the capability of Epic Games’ Metahumans tool and Unreal Engine 5. The outcomes of these methods are demonstrated in the video below, which is a genuinely remarkable presentation of Epic Games’ most recent innovations.

In a demonstration, Epic Games showed how Melina Juergens, the actress who plays Senua in Hellblade, could take a video of her face using an iPhone, have it uploaded by a technician, processed, and turned into a fully animated sequence in a matter of minutes.

Ordinarily, to obtain comparable results with motion capture, one would need expensive tools, a lot of technical know-how, and a lot of time. Now, this process can be finished quickly and without a lot of expensive hardware owing to Unreal Engine 5 and a new tool called MetaHuman Animator.

You can visit Epic here

You watch the GDC video below with the new tool in action.