There is going to come a time when all science fiction becomes a reality. Today, I am thinking about time travel. What if we could travel to the future? What would that look like?

The idea of time travel

If we could travel to the future, we would see an amazing world filled with technological advances. But what are the consequences of time travel? If you were able to travel to the future, would you be able to change the outcome of your life in the past? It is possible, but it is also hazardous. If you were able to travel to the future, you could change the outcome of the timeline, which would cause a ripple effect and in turn an infinite amount of paradoxes. This could be a good thing, but it could also be bad as the consequences of time travel could lead to so many paradoxes that the earth could eventually end. As was explored in the television show Dark, how do we avoid those paradoxes? Well, that is a question outside the scope of this article but I will write another article addressing time and paradoxes. in the future excuse the pun. However for now read on to find out how the future would be different.  

How would the future be different?

The future would be a very different place. There would be flying cars and robots that would do all of our work for us. You could take a weekend trip to the moon. There would be no more pollution on earth because everything is recycled. And the most important thing of all, there would be no more hunger because food would be grown in towers and replicated so there would be no need for mass farming production, farming or aid programmes. Now that sounds like a crazy notion or utopia to many but if you were to build a time machine and travel back to the time of King Henry and bring him to modern-day London he would have thought he had died and entered heaven as even the poorest Londoners who live off the streets in the 21s Century and in some form of dwelling live at the standard of a King or Queen of the middle ages strange but true. 

What would happen?

It would be an amazing experience, but it’s not that easy to do from a matter transportation standpoint. Some people would say that the future is already here, but the universe is expanding and the future is always changing. If we could travel to the future, we would see how different the world is from what we know today. We would see how much technology has progressed and how much the world has changed for the better.

As a child, I would imagine what it would be like if I could travel to the future. I would imagine the world being completely different from how it is now. I would imagine a world where we could travel to different planets, meet aliens, and even visit the past. It is a fun thought to imagine what the world would be like if we could travel to the future. What are your thoughts on the future?