By the end of the decade, Quantum Motion hopes to produce and market breakthrough computers.

In the midst of a worldwide race to conquer the quantum realm, two university academics have obtained the largest-ever investment for a British quantum computing business.

The taxpayer-funded technology investment fund and Porsche SE, the German family-owned multinational that supports the VW Group, have invested £42 million in London-based Quantum Motion.

Professors John Morton and Simon Benjamin, who have spent the last 20 years studying quantum technologies at Oxford and University College London, founded Quantum Motion.

By the end of the decade, the startup wants to be able to produce and market quantum computers to clients like cloud service providers.

Tech giants like Google and IBM, which are also creating their own quantum computers, are approaching the technology entirely differently from Quantum Motion. The British start-up isn’t attempting to use electromagnetic fields or light signals, but rather is advancing existing microprocessor manufacturing technologies.

It believes that doing this will reduce the cost of creating quantum devices that might be used by scientists, researchers, and governments.

When the business announced that it had successfully mounted thousands of quantum devices on a microchip, it was a significant achievement.

The German industrial behemoth Bosch’s venture capital division is driving the investment in Quantum Motion. Via Future Fund Breakthrough, a £375 million fund founded by Rishi Sunak in 2021 to aid high-tech businesses. 

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