Input Output Global (IOG), the Cardano blockchain developer, has disclosed that it is building a platform based on data protection to enable users to operate more freely and safely by protecting sensitive personal and business data.

Web2 established global communities where individuals could interact and share. But doing so resulted in centralised control, censorship, surveillance, and a loss of data ownership.

In contrast to what Web3 had promised, solutions to date have either revealed too much information or are too private for many use cases.

IOG, the primary creator of Cardano, has stated that it is trying to construct a new platform that will be a principled system to safeguard people’s fundamental freedoms of association, commerce, and expression in order to address this.

Midnight is a new paradigm for online engagement, which gives users the power to decide whatever information they expose and to keep the rest private. Midnight will mark a radical change in how sensitive data is regarded while creating dApps.

An innovative data protection-first programming methodology will be used to build Midnight. By combining private and public processing with zero-knowledge cryptography, the platform will build a trustless environment that protects sensitive personal and business data. It will function on the Cardano blockchain as a sidechain.

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