Bytedance, the parent of Tiktok, is going head to head with Meta with the announcement of the PICO 4 mobile XR/VR headset. After the Pico Neo 3 Link was used to test the waters in small beta quantities, it is the first actual consumer-oriented HMD offered by Pico on the market with widespread availability. 

Bytedance owns Pico, and this is the gadget that Bytedance is using to challenge Meta and position itself as a direct rival to Meta in place of Google and Apple, who have both failed to offer any challenge to Meta with an HMD, offering a device that is stylish, really affordable, and has a large library of content. It directly competes with Meta Quest 2’s strongest points, including the pricing, with the headset coming at a slightly lower price than the Quest 2.

The headset uses the same XR2 chip found in the Meta Quest 2. However, the Qualcomm XR2 chipset in the Pico 4 operates at full clock speed and capacity. Unlike the chipset in the Quest 2, the PICO 4 chip is fully powered, much like the HTC Focus 3. An active cooling system makes this possible on the PICO. This gadget can accommodate the 4K+ resolution of its screen thanks to the additional horsepower.

The headset is up for preorder today and can be bought in the United Kingdom and Europe. However, no date has been set for a US release, although Meta is gearing up for the release of the Quest Pro around the 10th of this month and may not be able to directly compete with that device in the US market due to partnership deals with Meta as it is also powered by a Qualcomm XR2.

You can find out more about the headset here