The most talked-about technological development in recent years in the gaming industry is ray tracing. The main selling point for Nvidia’s 20/30 and 40-series graphics cards is their RTX capabilities, which players are clamouring for in free updates to their favourite games. Ray tracing may provide unequalled quality in realistic lighting, shadows thrown in real-time, and exact reflections when used properly.

What games make the best use of ray tracing then? There are several excellent new game titles that make good use of this technology however if you want to be persuaded by its strength before buying a high-end RTX card or Laptop, one game that will be highly playable on even the entry-level RTX-50 line is Portal with RTX which is coming this month as a free download for existing and new Portal owners.

Although not as complex and immersive as the seminal Portal 2 with the ‘Perpetual Testing Initiative’’ DLC which is regarded by anybody that has clocked Portal 2 as Hell, Limbo or both places combined with its infinite amount of chambers/maps to play. Portal 1 is still an amazing experience and for anybody that has an RTX Windows PC, the new update that has been made possible with Nvidia Remix is an essential download for November/December

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You can download Portal from steam later this month here

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