The AMD Ryzen 7000 series of processors, the newest weapon in AMD’s arsenal and possibly one of the most eagerly awaited chip announcements of the year, has finally been unveiled with several new features intended to provide a premium desktop experience. The Zen 4 microarchitecture is built using an improved TSMC 5 nm manufacturing process, which has long been known on many rumor sites.

Along with the introduction of its new Ryzen 7000 series processors and 5nm Zen 4 architecture, AMD also shared some intriguing details regarding its upcoming next-generation series, which will be available from next month.

The new AMD Ryzen 7000 series combines the Zen 4 cores on a 5nm technology, first and foremost. In terms of embracing PCIe Gen5 and DDR5, it also largely catches up to Intel’s Alder Lake, although it will outperform Alder Lake in other respects.

In particular for workloads used by video creators, AMD claims that the Ryzen 9 7950X is faster than the Ryzen 9 5950X. Not for programs like Premiere Pro and others, but primarily for rendering apps such as Blender. AMD Zen architectures typically perform admirably on rendering applications.

With AMD’s new APU series rumored to perform as well as an RTX2080 the web 3.0 and creator and gaming market are set to explode over the next 24-48 months 

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